Historical Update:

In the wake of the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival, organizers announced unprecedented attendance numbers, with 25 to 30 thousand music fans showing up for the five-day event, doubling the previous year’s audience.  This does not include the free programming, where estimates ranged from four to five thousand attendees. The event was staged at the newly configured site at Hog’s Back Park.

“The combination of free programming plus the major acts we brought in resulted in a very successful year,” says Mark Monahan, the festival’s executive director and head of programming. “Fans really enjoyed the changes we made to the festival site, so we hope to continue to improve and to build on this success.”

Featured acts included Lindsey Buckingham, Great Big Sea, Kathleen Edwards, Patrick Watson, and Dan Mangan, with multi-Grammy winner Bon Iver wrapping up the festivities.

*Joyce MacPhee, a member of the original Steering Committee, wrote a history of the festival beginning with its inception. The history recounts the Festival’s roots and provides a synopsis of each year. Rachel Hauraney kindly assisted with the write-up for 2010, and Lynn Haggarty generously wrote the synopsis for 2011. Read on to get a taste of the Festival’s flavour and relive some of its most wonderful moments.

Ottawa Folk Festival History – 1994 to 2011