Mission, Mandate, Board


Our Mandate

  • Provide performers with a space in which creativity, imagination, and exploration are celebrated as fundamental to personal expression.
  • Recognize dance as a means to both connect the body with the spirit and the music to ourselves.
  • Embrace the participation of visual artists and craftspeople as an integral component of the artistic community at the festival.
  • Present the greater community with the opportunity to enhance their experience of the festival by listening to, sharing in, and creating music, dance and stories.
  • Treat our volunteers and staff, who are the heart of our organization, with respect and care, and provide them with opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Consider our sponsors and friends as valuable members of our organization, whose presence, ideas, and feedback are essential to the ongoing vitality of the festival.
  • Enhance the cultural life and contribute to the economic activity of the local community, the city, and the region; and encourage a sense of community in all who participate in shaping the festival, while challenging ourselves to uphold the values the festival promotes.

Board of Directors

  • James Leal, President
  • Penny Bertrand
  • Connor Grimes
  • Robert Provick
  • Paul Symes
  • David Yazbeck